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Rose arrangements will never go out of style or become commonplace since a rose will always remain the queen of the flower world. Despite the thorns, roses are the favorite flowers of many women, because their beauty and grandeur fully reveal their inner world. The online flower store Bloomex is ready to offer a variety of original compositions of bouquets for every taste and budget. If you would like to order roses delivery in New Zealand, then contact our online store. Submit your application on the company's website in just a few clicks!

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Roses are the best floral gift on any occasion

There are no more romantic and poetic flowers than roses. That is why most of us prefer to send roses much more often than other plants to our loved ones on different occasions. Roses inspire people on bold actions and help them to say what they want and show their sincere feelings. We are ready to compose the best arrangement of the most delicate and unusual shades (red, white, orange, yellow, pink, assorted). Although more often orders come for the classics: white and scarlet roses. Choose the desired shade and feel free to pay for a single or dozen roses. By the way, in the majority of cases, it's quite enough to order roses online and send them to someone special to let him or her know about your feelings. 


What does a Rose symbolize


In the language of roses, their colour, type and number in a bouquet are taken into account. Of course roses, especially red ones, are traditionally the main symbol of love and passion. For this reason Valentine's day roses delivery is perhaps the most significant and symbolic thing of the day. For example, red roses are a sign of love and desire, also they convey devotion and respect, so red roses delivery can be preferred to show your deepest admiration. As for quantity, the most popular combination of all is 12 red roses which carries a well-known non-verbal message "I love you".

Our online rose delivery is ready to send your addressee yellow flowers to share joy, positive energy, caring and heart warmth (by the way, the same refers to orange flowers). White roses are the best choice for a bride for her beautiful marriage ceremony, and also they are usually chosen as a sign of sympathy. One of the most preferable colours of roses is pink. Lovely pink roses can be sent to anyone on various occasions to express admiration, gratitude and appreciation. Magnificent lavender roses in the language of flowers mean "Love at first sight" and express adoration and splendour.


How to choose a bouquet of roses?


When you are going to order roses online in New Zealand just think about your addressee. For example to express your admiration and gratitude to your relative, teacher or colleague choose an impressive arrangement of red or orange roses, which can be presented solo or be accompanied with pink carnations or fresh chrysanthemum. Romantic intentions will be conveyed best of all by light roses, white, pink or creamy ones. It your goal is to strike and impress, send ingenious flowers, for example, lavender, purple, blue or green roses, or an amazing arrangement of different colours.


Where to buy roses in New Zealand?


Regardless of an occasion, choose Bloomex to get the best and fastest online rose delivery all over New Zealand. Our prices are really low and affordable, and you pay a fixed price after choosing an arrangement - no hidden margins or commissions. If you want to save more, just look through our wonderful bouquets on sale, where you can buy lovely roses at the lowest price. Remember that we're always nearby, so you can get same-day online rose delivery anytime you need it.